Congress and Exhibition

Example of creation of displays for scientific popularization exhibition
Display 1 - Presentation of GIP Seine-Aval
Promotion of scientific research, de la recherche scientifique, centralization and promotion of knowledges, consulting for the Seine estuary management
Display 2 - Definition and presentation of an estuary and presentation of the Seine estuary
Display 3 - Development of the Seine estuary, influence of mankind and necessity to preserve natural spaces
Display 4 - Presentation of halieutic life focusing on fishes and importance of the estuary in their life cycle
Display 5 - The fishes of the Seine estuary and their repartition according to salinity
Display 6 - Importance of damp environments and necessity of their preservation
Display 7 - Richness of the food chain and influence of mankind
Display 8 - Influence of population density and activities on water quality. Evolution of pollutants
Poster distributed to the public
Summary flyer
Summary flyer
GIP Seine-Aval
Research coordination and consulting group
Design and create displays for an exhibition.
• Bibliographic work and definition of the content of the displays,
• Writing and creation of visuals,
• Creation of the displays.